Friday, 10 November 2017

Technology Distinction #10

On Thursday the year 7/8's travel on a bus to get to lincoln primary school to have technology.
I am in cooking for the rest of the year.
When we got there we had manderian first, we do that for 30 minutes and then we came back to cooking.
We firstly got into groups of four with 2 girls, 2 boys and a mix of year 7/8's I had Sophie, Jacob, Daniel and I. Up until morning tea we did some book work.
After morning tea we started to make our cupcakes and cooked them.
Then it was time to leave.

I showed repect by listening to the teacher when he was talking.

I was also being trustworthy respecting the resources that got given to me.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Key Leadership role Distinction #8

On Wednesday the heads and deputys went to student council and everyone else who got voted to be there classes representives. The meeting took place at 12:35 in the hall foyer set up in a circle with chairs.
This was about our 3rd meeting for term 4 and we started off by Anneke calling out each class to see if they were here.
Next we talked about an ice cream day that we are planning.
Then Mrs Trotter asked if we had the prices of the ice creams and asked if the year 4 and 5 students  had made posters to say that there was an ice cream day happening.
That was basically all we talked about until it was 12:50 which is when student council finishes

I showed respect by contributing to the group discussion positively.

I was also being trustworthy by showing up on time and not being late.

R9. Offer to help around home without being asked. 15 times. Distinction #5

For this home learning challenge I helped out around the house 15 times without being asked.
Here is the doc where I wrote don what I had done.

Monday, 6 November 2017

SW Zones Athletics Distinction #9

On Thursday everyone who came 1st or 2nd in any events other that the 8yr olds went to the SW zones athletics at Hillmorton.
We got on the bus at about 9:00 and arrived at hillmorton about 5 minutes later.
When we got there our school found a spot around the track and put our flags up.
After that the first events started and mine wasn't until 11:25.
So I went around watching people from our school competing while I was waiting.
After a couple of hours it was time for my event Long Distance there were about nine people in my race and I came 5th.

I showed community by picking up my rubbish and not littering.

I was also being trustworthy by not distracting the people doing the events.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Key Leadership role Distinction #7

On Tues day the student leaders had a meeting with Val who is someone from the city council.
She is helping us with the design of the chorus box we are doing.
She firstly talked about the design that chorus choose (out of the two we sent in).
The design we are doing is where there are two trees on the sides of the front that the brachs go into saying care and there are some trees in the background as well.
Then she showed us the paint she brought us which is one big tub of white paint and slightly smaller tub of green and brown paint and lots of small containers of different colors.

I showed repect by listening to Val when she was speaking.

I was also being trustworthy by showing up to themeeting on time.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Walk 60km over 4 weeks. Distinction #4

For this home learning challenge I had to walk over 60km in 4 weeks so I just used my fitbit to see how far I had walked and this is the sheet I tracked it on.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Key Leadership role Distinction #6

On Tuesday the kauri team had athletics. Mr Hillary needed to helpers and seens Leeana wasn't here Maddy got to choose someone and she chose me.
So then we had to set up the high jump mats and poles and set out the long jump mats.
We also had to paint the boys discus and shot put and the girls shot put and discus.
After morning tea (which is when athletics started) the student leaders had to hold up the year groups eg  9 year old girls, 11 year old boys.
After that each age group went to there events and athletics started.

I showed respect by helping my age group get in there number order.

I was also being trustworthy by not being silly with the paint.