Thursday, 31 March 2016


WALT: Apply Striking and Fielding activities in a range of sports and activities.

My Strengths

The striking strategies I was able to effectively demonstrate during the games we played were Standing on my side.

The throwing and catching strategies I was able to effectively demonstrate during the games we played were step forward with opposite foot to arm that you are throwing with. Stand side on. Rotate shoulders. Follow through.
My Next Steps

To improve my striking of a ball I need to play through the shot - follow through. because then when I hit the ball it goes further and I can get a harder shot.

To Improve my catching and fielding I need to Look at where you are aiming to throw the ball. Point to where you want the ball to go. because then the ball will go where it is supposed to go.

The game that I enjoyed the most was rounders because it included all of the skills and it was fun to see how everyone went.

Librarian Merit #5

On Wednesday Charlie and I had librarian when we got there like always we went to the trolly there were the most books we had ever seen on it. So that took longer than usual after that like normal we sat a the desk to return books. Then we decided for a change we would swap jobs by Charlie having the computer and me having to scan the books. Next we issued books out for people by Charlie getting there name, getting there face and me scanning the books.Then it was time to close the library once everyone had gone then we went around tidying up then we were done.
I showed active thing by suggesting appreciate books.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Librarian Merit #4

On Wednesday Charlie and I had librarian when we got there we went straight to the trolly to start putting books back. Then I  sat at the desk and returned books while Charlie was continuing putting those books back on the shelves. After that we issued books out for people by me getting their name and Charlie scanning the book. It wasn't very busy that day compared to some days that we had been in their. Then it was basically time to close the library so we went round saying that it was closing. The very last thing that we did was tidy up and put things back where they go.
I showed community by when I was placing books back on the shelves I was putting them in the right place instead of just putting them somewhere random.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

I can identify and evaluate the way writers use language and ideas to suit their purpose.

W.A.L.T: I can identify and evaluate the way writers use language and ideas to suit their purpose.
I have achieved this by Author Purpose being able to tell which text is which I have learned to remember the three texts like this,
P= Persuade
I= Inform
E= Entertain
My next step is to get a new reading  goal.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Kauri Run Bike Run Merit #5

On Monday the Kauri team walked down to Halswell domain for our run bike run. I was being a role model to the younger kids by not being silly when crossing roads and when people wanted to go past. When we got there we went to put our bikes away if we had one then we got to go in the shade. I was race 4 so That meant I was the last race and after the first race the year 7/8's went to the house captains game they had organised which was dodgeball. I was getting involved by trying my best to get people out and cheer for my team.  After all the races including mine it was time to pack up and head back to school.
I showed excellence by staying with my teacher when walking down.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Maths Example

W.A.L.T: Know the equivalent decimals and percentage forms for everyday fractions.

I've achieved this by being able to solve questions like,

Q. What's 6/4 as a percentage. I work this out by the four can go into six once with two left over which is half so the answer is 150%.  

My next step is to get a new maths goal and we're moving onto statistics.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Librarian Merit #3

On Wednesday I did librarian with Charlie it was the most busiest we had both ever seen the library probably cause it was cold outside and everyone knew that it was warm inside. When we got there I started returning books and Charlie put the books that were on the trolly away. Then I started issuing books out for people after that we swapped but there weren't any people waiting so we sat the desk so we both started put the books on the shelves. It was the first time that we ever had to say to people "the library is full". Next it was the time for the library to close and us to have a break from non stop work normally we can have a break but no that day.
I showed respect by communicating quietly and respectfully.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Reading Evidence

W.A.L.T: I can gather, evaluate, and synthesize information across a small range of texts.
I've achieved extended abstract by evaluate the overall arguments and make an n decisions

Technology Merit #4

On Tuesday the year 7/8's went to technology there I'm doing science. When we  got there the teacher gave us a kit to build a robot with a partner I went with Natasha. Neither of us had ever built a robot before so we had trouble making it. Once we had made it we started to program it so what we did was name our file. Then we did a simple thing for it to do to start by just making it go forward then left then right then turn back around. After that we did something harder which was to make it follow lines that were in shapes like squares triangles and stars they worked better than we thought it would if we could do it again we probably would have gotten it to draw.
I showed active thinking by using my time wisely and making sure that I got it done on time so that I could try different things.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Peer Mediation Merit #4

Today I remembered to do my duty I did it with Cameron we had no problems which was good so we just walked  around the junior area and the filed. When we walked around the junior area which is the playground and sandpit, it is where quiet a bit of our problems have happened. We also walked around the filed and senior playground where we normally walk anyway but we still walk there anyway. Then it was time to hand over to the next people who are on duty and enjoy the rest of our lunch while hoping we don't have any problems.
I showed respect by not walking through peoples games so that I don't interrupt them.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Getting involved #3

Today I was getting involved buy playing dodgeball with the PALs. It was a good game because the teams were even. The teams were boy against girls that work out well because there were even amounts. I was being a good role model by playing by the rules and being honest if I got hit by a ball. I was trying my best to hit others then get them out while dodging the ball at the same time which was hard. The game finished I didn't get out which I was proud of. Then it was basically the end of lunch.
I showed active thinking by agreeing with the rules at the start and playing fairly.

Librarian Merit #2

On Wednesday Charlie and I did librarian when we first got there we started putting the returns from the trolly back on the shelf. Next we issued books out for people by getting there name then scanning the book they want out under there name. We also scanned the books that people brought back then put them on the shelfs were there number or letter says to place it. After all of that the library was closed so we went round telling everyone that the library is closing. The last thing we did was clean up then the bell rang for the end of lunch.  
I showed respect by speaking nicely to people when I needed to get there name and not yelling at them.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Peer Mediation Merit #3

On Monday I had peer mediation with Cameron we didn't have any problems while we were out. So we walked around the courts and filed mainly  because there are normally some problems there. It was good that we didn't have to solve any problems because we don't want to have so many problems that people have to wait. We had a good day all up then it was nearly time for hand over so we just walked around the courts just to make shore there weren't any last minute problems.
I showed excellence by when I was walking around I was being a good role model by wear the vest properly.