Monday, 29 February 2016

Peer Mediation Merit #2

Today Lauren and I had nice easy day doing peer mediation. A few of the younger children came up to us and started talking about there problems and decided it wasn't actually a big deal then went off to happily played. It seemed to be a quieter day then last week which was good so we didn't have to go around sorting problems all of our duty. We walked around the field for most of our duty which is where quite a few problem normally happen. It was a good duty because it wasn't to hot out in the sun today.
I showed community by walking around the whole school to make sure there weren't any problems and not just going around in one spot the whole time.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Librarian Merit Can Do #1

 Today I had librarian at lunch with Charlie. Firstly we started by putting the returns from the trolly back onto the shelves. Then we started returning the new books that people had brought back, to do this we scanned the barcode so that the computer knows the book has been brought back, then put them back on the shelves where the numbers or letters say.
Next we issued books out for people, we get their name, scan the barcode on the book, stamp the return date into the book.To finish we said to everyone in the library that it was closing and made sure everything was tidy.
I showed community by helping people find books and issuing them out for them.

Technology and on the bus merit #2

On Tuesday the year 7/8's went to technology at Lincoln, on the bus I was respecting it by not picking on the seats even though there were lots of holes.
 At technology I'm in science and there we made a can get squashed without touching it well sort of. We got a can and poured a small amount of water in it then put it over a flame to heat. Once steam is coming out the top you pick it up with tongs or thick gloves and turn it upside down into cold water but you need to make sure it doesn't go on an angle so air can get in. If air gets in then the can won't squish.
I showed respect by not talking while the teacher was talking and on the bus by not shouting across it.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Peer Mediation Merit #1

Today I did Peer Mediation their was one problem in the sandpit about someone taking someone else's shovel we didn't have to mediate this because they solved it before they needed our help in the end by thinking about what they were doing and waiting for another shovel to become free.
I learnt by doing peer mediation that the sandpit is where the most problems can start from. After that we walked around the junior playground and it was good that there wasn't any mediation required by Cameron, Caleb and I.
I was showing active thinking by letting them try to solve it them shelves so that we didn't have so solve it.

What make a good leader

   W.A.L.T: Describe the traits of an effective leader.

The 6 traits of an effective leader are integrity,active thinker,goal focused,trustworthy,resilient and motivational.
 I think I have shown resilience by not giving up on what i am doing  if i am in the pit.

Integrity is when someone is fair,honest,stands up for them self and others they are noble.

Active thinker being an active thinker is when you ask and answer questions and are curious about what you are learning.

Goal focused is when you are focused about what you want to achieve.

Trustworthy is when you would trust someone to be true to their word and honest.

Resilient being resilient is when you don't give up and keep going.

Motivational is when you encourage others and motivate them.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Kauri team swimming sports Jelly Park Merit #1

On Friday the Kauri team had their swimming sports. I was being a good role model to younger students by cheering for everyone who raced and congratulate people who got top 3.I earned lots of pozis for my house and when we did house events I tried to do the best I could.When I was racing I tried my best and was proud of how I did no matter what place I came.

 I was showing respect by being a role model when I was watching people race by cheering for everyone and not booing.