Monday, 27 February 2017

R10. Weet-bix tryathlon Merit 4

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On Sunday I had the weet-bix tryathlon because I was in the 12 year olds I had to swim 150-200 metres, bike 7km and run 1.5km. Up above are some photos of me doing the weet-bix tryathlon.

Key leadership role Merit #4

On Monday we had a leadership meeting before morning tea. The first thing we did was talk about what we were doing this term, this term Anneke, Josh, Nicholas and I are buliding on what Hannah did on bullying last year. The first thing we need to do is organize a meeting with Mrs Trotter and Mrs Martin. We have already emailed them so we are just waiting to find out when we are going to meet with them. Finally we talked about what the other leaders are doing .
I showed respect by listening to the other leaders even though it didn't have that much to do with me.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

C3. Teach a family member how to use an ICT tool that they are unfamiliar with (Google docs) Merit #3

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On Sunday I showed my mum how to use google docs, the first thing we did was make a google account for her. Next we made a doc and  told her what all the buttons meant. After all of that she knew how to use google docs.

Recall commonly used fraction, decimals and percentage conversions

In Maths we have been learning:
  • To convert between fractions, decimals , percentages and vice versa.

Here are the IXL screenshots that show evidence of my learning.  

Here are some images to show the book work I have done.

There is more evidence of my learning about this in my maths book.

My next learning step in Maths is……. to apply this knowledge to help me solve a variety of different maths problems.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Key leadership role Merit #3

On Tuesday we had a multi cultural day at school and we had to wear something that ids from your culture I am from New Zealand so I wore black and white. I was being a good role model by wearing the apropriate clothes that were actually from my culture. The year 7/8's got to meet these adults the went to an international school. When we first meet them we sung our waiata, then we all shared our mihi with them I was trying my best and I said it off by heart. Next they showed us some of there dances.
I showed community by inviting them to join in games we played and I was being friendly.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Setting up/packing up assembly Merit #3

On Tuesday I helped Mr Muller and others set up assembly. The first thing we did was set up where we sit in rows of three six times. Then we moved on to where the parents sit and we did the same but we did eight rows of three. Next we did a couple of rows on the stage and we could leave after we had finished. After assembly we packed up all the chairs in stacks of five. Also four of us move some stuff that had been used in one of the parades.
I showed respect by focusing on the speaker or presentation.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Use factors multiples and powers, including square roots.

In Maths we have been learning:

  • Divisibility rules up to 10.
  • Simple powers to 10.
  • Square roots of perfect squares.
  • Common factors of numbers to 100, including highest common factor.
  • Least common multiples of numbers to 100.

Here are the IXL screenshots that show evidence of my learning.  
Screenshot 2017-02-16 at 2.17.18 PM.png

Screenshot 2017-02-16 at 2.18.03 PM.png

Screenshot 2017-02-16 at 2.25.12 PM.png

Screenshot 2017-02-16 at 2.30.36 PM.png
Screenshot 2017-02-16 at 2.47.01 PM.png

My next learning step in Maths is:Recall commonly used fraction, decimal and percentage conversions.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Technology Merit #2

On Thursday the year 7/8's went on a bus and traveled to Lincoln. When we got threr we hopped of the bus we all went to which group we are in and I'm in wood work this term. This year in wood work I'm making a hexogen shaped speaker. Next I got Mr Bowers to cut my hexogens out, once he had I sanded the edges so it was smoother. After that we went to manderian and we made lanterns out of paper.
I showed community by helping others sand when they asked for help.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Key Leadership role Merit #2

On Wednesday all the student leaders had a meeting. Firstly we watched a video about how we could do something that will help the school and us to be different to last years leaders. The five things they suggested Menntoring, Creating school culture, Reduce bullying, Increasing house pride and creating activitity.  Next Anneke, Josh and I choose to bulid on Hannah's anti bullying so we are using some of her ideas but still having our own.
I showed respect by helping and communicating respectfully with others.

Monday, 13 February 2017

R8 Prepare a dish from a different culture. Merit #2

On Sunday I cooked a meal for my family and I decided to make mexican nachos. The different culture I used was mexican. I enjoyed cooking this because I had never made them before and I love eatting nachos. The rest of my family liked them and thought they tasted great. As you can see in the picture I also made a salsa to go with it, you can also see me cooking.

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Friday, 10 February 2017

Garden to table Merit #1

On Friday's all of our classes split and my class was doing garden to table. Firstly Mr Mc caven talked to us about what we are going to do. Next we watched a couple of videos on knife safety because we need to teach the year 1's how to use them properly even though I alrea. Then we went out to the garden and started pulling out weeds off of the small hill, someone of the weeds where harder to pull out than others and we only finished half of the hill. Finally we took all the weeds to the skip.
I showed excellence by trying my hardest when I was pulling out the weeds.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Key Leadership role Merit #1

On Thursday I had a leadership meeting that Mrs Mc cloud ran and we focused on public speaking, so she gave us a poam called drift. First we read it to ourselves a couple of times. Then we got a partner and we read it to them. After that we got put into groups and then we had to read a section each in front of the rest of the group. Next we had to write something on a sticky note that sommeone can speak about for 30 seconds and I had to speak about turtles.
I showed Respect by listening to everyone repectfully.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

E.9 Reserch an important person or event in NZ's history. Merit #1

Kate Sheppard

                                                       Image result for kate sheppard
1.  Her name was Kate Malcolm before she married Walter Sheppard.
2.  She was born in liverpool on the tenth of march 1847 and pasted away on the thirteenth of july 1934 at the age of thirty seven.
3.  She migrated to Christchurch in her early twenty's.
4. In 1885 she joined the new WCTU, which advocated womens suffrageas a mean to fight for liquor prohibition.
5. Also in 1885, Kate Sheppard became involved in establishing the New Zealand women's christian temperance union, part of the larger temperance movement.
6. She travelled the country, writting newspapers, holding public meetings and lobbying members of parliment.
7.In 1893 Kate Sheppard and her fellow suffragists gathered the signatures of nearly thirty two thousand women to demonstrate the groundwell of support for their cause.
8. She's the most well knowen sufferagete in New Zealand
9. She's on the ten dollar note.