Wednesday, 8 February 2017

E.9 Reserch an important person or event in NZ's history. Merit #1

Kate Sheppard

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1.  Her name was Kate Malcolm before she married Walter Sheppard.
2.  She was born in liverpool on the tenth of march 1847 and pasted away on the thirteenth of july 1934 at the age of thirty seven.
3.  She migrated to Christchurch in her early twenty's.
4. In 1885 she joined the new WCTU, which advocated womens suffrageas a mean to fight for liquor prohibition.
5. Also in 1885, Kate Sheppard became involved in establishing the New Zealand women's christian temperance union, part of the larger temperance movement.
6. She travelled the country, writting newspapers, holding public meetings and lobbying members of parliment.
7.In 1893 Kate Sheppard and her fellow suffragists gathered the signatures of nearly thirty two thousand women to demonstrate the groundwell of support for their cause.
8. She's the most well knowen sufferagete in New Zealand
9. She's on the ten dollar note.

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