Friday, 8 July 2016

Getting Involved #2

Yesterday I got involved at morning tea by playing doctor pus with my friends. Firstly, we did 21 to see who was in. Secondly the tagger turned around and we chose a doctor and they can save people who have been tagged.
Next we played until the doctor was tagged and then the first person who got tagged was in next round. We only played in the middle third of the netball court because there weren't that many of us. Then when we had done a few rounds we decided to do some rounds of normal octopus instead. When we played that we did the same rules but there wasn't a doctor so it was harder because we couldn't get saved once we were tagged.

I showed  community by letting people  join in our game when they ask us if they could.

I also was showing integrity by playing fairly and being honest.

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