Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Librarian Excellence #6

On Thursday I had Librarian with Charlie, when we got there we started off by going and getting the books off the trolley and placing them were the are meant to go. Next we returned some books that people wanted to bring back.
After that we went and put the books back on the shelves that we had returned. Then we issued books out that people wanted by Charlie typed there name in the computer so you can issue the book out under there name,
I was on scanning and all i had to do was scan the bar code on the book to say which one it was. Then it was time to close so we went around telling everyone it was time to leave. Before we left we went and tided the space.

I showed respect by not shouting at everyone when the library was closing.

I was also being motivational by telling people lots of books that are good to read.

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