Monday, 26 September 2016

Peer Mediation Distinction #3

On Friday I had Peer Mediation with Anneke  when it was time for our duty we went and put our vests on and our landlards so that people knew that they could come to us if they had a problem.
There were no isssues which is good again.
Firstly we went around the junior side of the field because there are always a lot of people on it so just to make sure there weren't any problems. Secondly we went around the senior side which is where alot of people again are.
Then we went around the junior area because the little kids sometimes have problems.
Next we walk around the netball and basketball courts to see if everyone was doing the write thing. Then we when around the classrooms to see what people were doing and make sure they where in the right place.

I showed respect by not walking though peoples games.

I was also being an active thinker by where to walk by knowing where must problems are.

I continued being a role model by putting my things back in the right place.

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