Sunday, 29 May 2016

Librarian Excellence #1

On Thursday I did librarian with Charlie when we got there we started getting books off the trolly and putting them back on the shelves. Secondly we sat down at the desk and started returning books for people. Next we placed the books we just returned back on the shelves. After that we issued books out for people.
When we were issuing books I was scanning while Charlie was doing the computer and all I did was scan the barcode with the scanner and Charlie found there name and got it up so the book went under there name. That day it wasn't that busy which is good for us. Then we went round telling everyone the library was closed.

I showed community by when I was putting the books back on the selves I was placing them in the right place instead of just putting them somewhere random.

 I was also communicating respectfully by not shouting at them when the library was closing and when they came up to issue or return a book.

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