Monday, 2 May 2016

Peer Mediation Excellence #1

Today I did peer mediation with Cameron  we had no problems which was good so firstly we just walked around the field. Secondly we walked around the courts which are the two netball and one basketball, we also walked around where rooms 1 to 11 are.
Next we walked around the junior area and sandpit to make sure that the little kids didn't want to come and see us.When we walked around the field we just made sure no one wanted to come to see us even though thats what we normally do. When we walked around the courts we went around the games so that we didn't interrupt them.
Also while we were walking around the junior area we were looking to see if people were in the right place by seeing if any seniors were in the wrong area.

I showed Respect by being a good role model to younger students by not walking though games and much more.

I was goal focused by not just stoping my duty because there weren't any problems  and I just kept walking around just in case.

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