Monday, 20 June 2016

Librarian Excellence #4

On Thursday I had librarian with Charlie when we got there we went over to the trolly and there were way more books than normal so it took us way longer to do. Secondly we sat at the desk to return the books.
Next we placed the books we just returned on the shelves.
After that we waited to see if anybody wanted to issue books and when someone came I was on the computer and Charlie was scanning what I had to do was type that name in and when it came up Charlie scanned the barcode on the book so it showed up as they have the book out. Then it was time to close the library.

I showed respect by speaking nicely to people when I need to get there name and not yelling at them.

I also was being trustworthy by placing the books in the right place instead of putting them somewhere random so people couldn't find them.

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