Sunday, 12 June 2016

Peer Mediation Excellence #3

On Friday I had peer mediation with Charlie and Anneke there was one problem where two year ones who were fighting over a skipping rope. Firstly we would normally ask them if they agreed to the rules but because they were year ones they wouldn't have understood.
So then we ask where they got it from so they could see if there was another one and luckily there was. When we were walking around we firstly walked around the filed and senior playground again just to make sure.
Next we walked around the junior area which is where the problem happened. Finally we did a loop around the courts.

I showed community by walking around the whole school to make sure there weren't any problems, not just going around the field the whole time.

I was also so being resilient by not just walking away from the problem when they weren't agreeing.

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