Friday, 28 October 2016

Librarian Distinction #6

On Thursday I had Librarian with Charlie, when we got there we started off by going and getting the books off the trolley and back on the shelves once again.
The first type of books we started with were the picture books with just have one letter of the alphabet on the side, the shelves have the same so they match up.
Secondly we did the chapter books which have three letters on the side that are dicided by the first three letters of the authors last name, the shelves have one letter but you put it in alphabetical order.
Then we got asked to tape books which is where you tape the front back and the page before the middle, While I did that Charlie was stamping the books once I had taped them Charlie stamped them.
Then we went around telling people that we were closing the library.
After that we went around tidying up the cushions chairs and books.
Next after all of that the bell rang to go back to class.

I showed respect by when we got asked to do the books we just did it.

I was also being motivational by suggesting appropriate books.

I have continued being a role model by helping others find the books they were looking for.

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