Friday, 28 October 2016

Assembly Distinction #2

After lunch, we had our whole school assembly. We started with our school waiata.
After that the kakano care cetificates got handed out, next the kauris got handed out.
Then Mrs Trotter handed out the silvers, After Mrs Trotter handed out the principles and bucket filler awards and they are chosen by your teacher they just choose one person in the class and they get that certifercate. Next she did the leadership badges like merits and excellences.
After that the class that was hosting the asscembly talked about what they had been doing.
Then  they asked if any teachers had any notices and Mr Forman had sprots notices to tell the kauri students which is me so I had to make sure I listened.
Then we got to go back to class to pack up.

I showed excellence by sitting up properly on the sits.

I was an active thinker by not talking when others are talking and focusing on the presentation.

I was continuing being a role model by listening in class to the teachers.

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