Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Technology Distinction #5

On Tuesday I went to technology in the mornings. I traveled on bus to Lincoln Primary School.
I was in wood work and it was my fourth time in is group.
Firstly I got my handle out of the cupboard and then I got a piece of p320 sandpaper for me to sand my handles.
Secondly I keep on sanding then I moved onto p600 then after a while I moved onto p1000 again after a while I moved onto p1500.
Next I had finished sanding my handle so the teacher gave me the sides of my tray.
After that I got a new piece of p80 to sand my sides.
Then it was time to pack up so I got a broom and swept the dust into a pile for someone to vacuum up.
Finally the teacher read out some riddles for us to try and answer.

I showed active thinking by using my time wisely.

I was also being an active thinker by not going up to a higher sanding paper after I have only done like one minute with the on before.

I continued being a role model by getting on the bus respectfully by not pushing.

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