Thursday, 3 November 2016

Technology Distinction #3

On Tuesday I went to technology in the mornings. I traveled on bus to Lincoln Primary School. I was in the wood work group and it was my second time in this group.
Firstly I got two pieces of wood for my handles of my tray.
Secondly I drew the handles outline on the wood.
Next I got the teacher to cut the handles out without the hole in the middle.
After that I filed the handle so the shape would be better.
Then I sanded them with p 80 to start with make them smooth but I still need to sand it next week.
Finally I cleaned my area up so there wasn't as much dust.

I showed respect by helping others when the didn't no what to do.

I was also being trustworthy by not playing with all the tools.

I continued being a role model by cleaning my area as best as I could.

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