Friday, 2 June 2017

City Council Trip Excellence #10

Today the student leaders went to the ccc (Christchurch city council) to learn about what they actually do in our neighborhoods and to the parks and the buildings they own. Firstly There was a lady showing  us what the satche outside meant and the river. Secondly we went into the function room which is just a big room with chairs that we could sit on. Then the lady who was showing us around showed us this slide show she must have made up and it had stuff about how much water they use per day how many bins they collect from houses and stuff like that so we could see how busy they actually are. After that we meet up with someone who worked at the ccc in groups of three. I was with Anneke and Maddy and we got to chose our groups whic was good. We meet up with a guy called Daniel, he worked in costumer sevice which means he looks after people complants they have we also learnt about a app called snap, send, solve which is when you are unhappy with something such as a pot hole you take a photo and send it to the council and they will reply with what they are going to do about it. Next we then did an activity where you had a subject and some of them were...Event planning, Park designing, and Grafitti. Anneke, Maddy and I had grafitti and we had a budget of $860,000 and we spent way under beacause we didn't know what to hae more of, so we had to find ways of cleaning and getting rid of grafiti. Then we went out for lunch. After that we got the bus and went back to school.

I showed respect by listening to the Celia when she was sharing.

I showed leadership by representing Oaklands school positively in the streets.

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