Friday, 23 June 2017

Technology Distinction #2

On Thursday the year 7/8's travel on a bus to get to lincoln primary school to have technology.
I am in science now at the start we were talking about the prerodic table and we got to chose one element and Sophie chose copper which is Cu on the prerodic table and we watched a video on it.
Then we were learning about a fair testing.
After that we tested 6 different brands of gum aqnd we timed how long the flavour lasted and the maximum was 5 minutes.
Next we drew a grah on the times that they lasted and the spearmint, bubblemint and airwaves lasted the longest amount of time.
Then once we haad finished we could carry on with our word find.

I showed active thinking by making sure I started the timer at the same time I put the gum in.

I was also showing integrity by being fair when testing by chewing at the same speed for all of them.

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