Thursday, 23 March 2017

Technology Excellence #2

On Thursday the year 7/8's had technology we traveled on a bus to get to Lincoln primary school.
I am in wood work and we are making speakers my speaker is a hexogon. The first thing I did was take the tape off that I had put on last week and aply new tape.
Next I started to finish painting that I didn't get done last week.  After that it was time to go to manderain, at manderain we were learning about how to say different drinks.
We also got given a sheet and we had to say the sentence that we learned. Then we shared with a partner and filled in the gaps.
When we got back I painted for a while then I stuck my speaker pat to the wood.

I showed community by being aware of others when painting by not swinging my brush around.

I also showed integrity by being honest when I didn't know what I was doing and asked for help.

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